The Benefits of Salt Chlorine Generators

If you're looking for a clean water solution that's gentle on the skin and eyes, leave it to Premier Pool Service Inc. The chlorine levels in our salt chlorine generators are generally reduced compared to other options, resulting in less irritation to the eyes and skin in children and adults who are sensitive to chlorine. They're also great for chlorine-sensitive pets!

The addition of salt in your water can also make the water in your pool feel silky and smooth, like you have installed a water softener. Many pool owners prefer this to the "dry" feeling of regularly chlorinated water. Find out about the other pool accessory and equipment installations that we offer.

Less Chemicals for a Better Swimming Experience

Tablet or liquid chlorine contains chemicals much stronger than the chlorine produced by salt water systems. Our systems constantly break down the salt used through electrolysis to provide a continuous level of water sanitation with less chemical by-products than traditional chlorine treatments.

While one of these systems requires an initial investment for installation, the comfort and possible health benefits more than recoup the cost. Many of our customers have already converted their pools into salt water systems and are enjoying the swimming experience this wonderful piece of technology can provide.
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